The Beginning & First Cause

Have you ever pondered about where everything came from?

If so, below is the synopsis & introduction from my book which gives & explains that answer. The book also discusses multiple other philosophical, religious & scientific ideas surrounding this age-old issue.


[It] is a detailed work completed after years of study. It explains a scientific, mathematical & philosophical theory explaining the “First Cause.” It details the theory, logic there-of, proof, related theories & it disproves arguments against said theory. It has visual representations to explain the theory several ways. It is written in a manner so that both layman & expert alike may comprehend the theory. In the end, this theory proposes to explain the cause of all; how & why things exist, a topic usually avoided by scientific experts.


Ever since the beginning of mankind –whether Adam, Eve or the first genetically Homo Sapiens Sapiens– people have gazed up to the heavens, stared at the vast cosmos, and wondered. We all have wondered & pondered, at one point or another, where all of those bright stars came from –where everything came from; their origins, start & beginning. Whether religiously minded & following Genesis or scientific & holding to the Big Bang, we have all thought about the start of things.

I have always been one who constantly contemplates almost everything. When I first learned about the law of Cause & Effect as a child, I thought about it for days. Finally I talked about it with my father –a bright man– having been an army officer, a police officer, an EMT & an Emergence Room RN. I said to him that if humans came from primates & primates from mammals & mammals from reptiles & reptiles from fish & fish from amoeba-like creatures & they from single cells & cells from bacteria & bacteria from viruses & viruses from DNA & DNA from proteins & proteins from molecules & molecules from atoms & atoms from particles & particles from energy, where did the energy come from? I continued, if everything requires something before it as a cause, where did the first thing come from? If it came from something else, then where did that come from? I went on that logically we should not exist, nothing should exist. There has to be a “First Cause” –the absolutely First-Thing. Yet at the same time the law of Cause & Effect requires there to be a cause for that thing, and so for something to have been prior to it. This cycle goes on & on in a philosophical tailspin into the depths of theoretical madness. My conclusion to my father was, as said, that nothing should logically be. Though it sounded like I was giving an open-ended discourse, I was actually asking a question. I wanted my father to answer the problem in my conundrum, as he always had a detailed & correct answer to any of my questions in life. But, in this case, he was wholly unable. He had to blow off that problematic issue. I was dumbfounded that no answer could be given. He could have used the answer of “God”, but it is obvious that I would have asked where God came from –no answer of “he is beginningless” would have suited me. As I was a child, I could go no further with the thought, but it never ceased to remain by my side.

As I grew older and –being the bookworm I was– read constantly, I kept seeing answer after answer for the “First Cause”, both religious & scientific, and yet I was never settled. I never could agree with any of their responses. I found that they never actually answered the issue, but instead put a vile of morphine into it –making the problem fade away for a while.

As an adult, the question remained with me –a constant & nagging wife. I just had to know. I needed to find the answer and I knew I would not rest until that answer was located.

It quickly became an obsession; almost every waking hour was devoted to the search. I had to go through a bottle of Ibuprofen a week to stop the headaches from continuous contemplation. I smoked non-stop in absolute frustration. My wife was always making a new pot of coffee so I could keep on. I filled notebook after notebook in a pile of confusion. After years I was at my rope’s end. And then…

In 2007 I found the answer! I was so ecstatic, jumping around the room like an energetic child, yelling & screaming ecstatically in a state of indescribable joy. For the year I structured the discovery, organized it into a comprehensible format. From 2009 to the start of 2011, I checked & double checked & checked it again a hundred times over. I analyzed every possible problem –trying to find myself wrong to continue my unbiased approach. I could find nothing to contradict my findings. And so, after eliminating all doubt, including my own doubts (thinking it impossible that I found it), I began preparing the discovery for publication –as the greatest sin of a discoverer is to egotistically hoard it.

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