The Summarized History of my Oracle

As a child I had a weird feeling within me before negative things happened in my life. However, being a child, I was unable to see it as anything. This strange feeling prior to negative events continued into my teens. Blind to any correlation of the feelings and subsequent events, I thought they were bouts of anxiety (it having been a rocky time) or some heart issue (heart problems running in my family). At 17 I began realizing the connection of their timing. Being skeptical and scientific, I saw it as mere coincidence. I kept seeing these supposed coincidences again and again. However, I continued to try to believe it was all coincidental. When any doubt of it being coincidental crossed my mind, I would laugh at myself and jokingly think that I was going insane. After 2 years and at least a hundred more coincidences, I could not turn a blind eye to it anymore. Not only was EVERY negative event preceded by these feelings, but after EVERY one of these feelings a negative event occurred; without fail for even one either way. So I finally admitted to myself the truth that the feelings were not connected to anything conventionally understood; that they were a sixth sense. For years life was strictly deterministic in my eyes, as I was NEVER able to prevent a single event which my sense had foretold. It would not respond (per-say) to any question, no matter how simple and no matter how hard I concentrated. I felt that my extra sense had no purpose and was not a gift, but rather a curse; the anxiety and fear of the inevitable event which was to occur. After every one of the feelings I was trapped in an inescapable box filled with the innumerable monsters of my mind; the question of what was about to happen to me. At 23 I read the works of psychologist Carl Jung and mastered connection to (and use of) my “unconscious” (Freudian “subconscious”). This is when the meaning of my feelings changed and they proved to have purpose. The feelings continued to be deaf to my conscious questions, however, they responded (per-say), with subsequent feelings, to questions askedvia my unconscious with the same untarnished accuracy. (I know that the conscious action of questioning being done via the unconscious may seem impossible or contradictory, but that is due to our mainstream definition of such terms being Freudian, being misunderstood or having dual meanings respectively.) With this newfound ability to communicate (per-say) with my sixth sense, I was able to pinpoint the event which it was prophesying and, in-turn, avoid it. Some types of avoided events have included the kind that messes up a day (being colorblind, I would had eaten the green ham), the one that screws up the year (I had my car towed and my mechanic found my brake lines had been leaking), the type that damns decades (when 21 I didn’t know she was 15 and I would had spent the night with her) and the one that ends it all (I would had taken the medication I later found out that I was allergic to and would had killed me ). Like a thermometer or meter, my sense also tells me the scale of the incoming event. The more intense the feeling, the more impact the event will have if not prevented. My life was (and is) going smooth and happily because of my gift, but not too long ago I realized another of its purposes. I found, via a friend who was 1300 miles away at the time, that my gift would answer questions regarding the future of others. You have probably noted that I have yet to deem myself a “psychic” nor that I possess “psychic ability” and I have not and will not for a reason. After realizing my feelings for the gift they are, I began studying theology, philosophy and psychology (all to the point of a relentless obsession which continues to this day). While reading the works of Plato which included the activities and dialogues of Socrates (Apology, Crito and Phaedo), I realized a haunting connection. In the writings Socrates talked about his “oracle”; not to be confused with the oracle at the Delphi temple of Apollo which Socrates had originally visited. It was something within Socrates; a sense that he felt (not some voice that talked to him). Identical to my gift, Socrates said that his oracle only notified him in a black/white (simplistic) method; only of future events and only if those future events would be negative. Case in point, Socrates could not tell his followers if there was an afterlife or what it would be like if there was. Rather, using logic via his oracle, Socrates told them that death was not a negative thing seeming his oracle was not reacting about his impending demise. After learning of this, I have since called my extra sense my “Oracle.”