Cosmic Influence; fact or fiction?

Astrology is based on some sort of influence put upon Earth (people) via stars, planets & other cosmic masses. This influence is an absolute necessity in Astrology, without it Astrology is void.

The Sun, with its gravity, influences the planets and tells them (per-say) how to go about on their orbits. But what about the other stars, such as those which make up the constellations? Do they touch our planet in any way?

Well, as science has discovered, all stars radiate things –and I don’t just mean light & heat. Each and every star gives off all sorts of things that fly out into space; gamma-ray photon bursts, steady gamma photon streams, neutrinos, microwaves, plasma, charged particles & antiparticles, hydrogen & helium, etc., etcetera, e…t…cetera.

Such particles, waves & rays do indeed pound (influence) our little blue planet from far off stars, evidenced by the gamma-rays from stars hundreds of millions of light-years away are detected in Antarctica via gamma-detectors. They don’t reach us as just a few here & then, rather we are bathed in them at any given moment. The sheer quantity of things reaching us from the heavens is beyond comprehension. For example, in the time it takes you to blink billions of neutrinos have passed right through you.

The Sun, for obvious reasons, has the most impact on the Earth. Its output paired with the proximity of the Earth causes our planet to experience winds –“Solar Winds.”

Solar Winds are the direct product of our stone’s throw distance from the Sun. The mass of out-pouring particles from the Sun causes a pressure against its local target, a wind of radiation (amongst other things) blowing through space just like the winds of air molecules that rip leaves from the trees. This wind causes a constant deformation of the Earth’s magnetic field (and bursts deform it more-so). The winds are so violent that our planet has a tail –a part of our magnetic field being pushed away. This same type of influence from the Sun can be seen with Haley’s Comet which has a long & bright tail. That tail isn’t behind the comet’s travel like a rocket or like an asteroid coming through the atmosphere. Rather that tail is caused by the Sun’s solar winds bombarding the comet, shoving gases & rock away into space. Yes, solar winds are that powerful. And despite other stars being billions & billions of times further away, their impact is still found upon our chuck of rock.

Planets likewise give stuff off. As all planets rotate and none are perfectly spherical, as they spin & careen through space gases & particles are thrown off towards other objects. Also, planets give off infrared, X-ray & other radiations (photons) which make a straight line attack on other planets. Thus, planets also have influence upon the Earth (and vice versa actually).

(If I wanted to get more detailed –though this is not an actual scientific paper obviously– I could also explain that the Earth is influenced by “Gravitational Waves” from stars & planets.)

It is a scientific fact that these things are an influence upon the earth to varying degrees and thus the foundation of Astrology is a reality. Anyone who knows about photosynthesis or has received a sun burn can say this is wrong. There are countless examples of how the Sun impacts earth along with each & every living thing on it. The same goes for the stars trillions of miles away. A single gamma-photon from such a star can reach earth, pierce into a person, hit a strand of DNA & give the person cancer.

In conclusion, cosmic bodies do, as a scientific fact, have influence upon the Earth.