A Simple Intro to Astrolomy

Since the advent of modern science, Astrology has been viewed by the scientific community as “ridiculous”, primitive & an occult science –an astronomical society calling it “pseudoscience” (meaning a “false science”). Thus, Astrology has been more or less ignored and any scientific examination of Astrology would be deemed pointless & a waste of time.

The American Humanist Society in 1975 said that those who believed in astrology were against scientific facts. Astrophysicist Neil de’Grasse Tyson more or less stated that such adherents were ignorant.

I myself had the same sort of opinion towards Astrology; having intellectual-animosity (per-say) towards what I saw as a baseless realm of cracked-pot ideas (and the pot was half baked in my eyes). And so this was my steadfast view until I personally dove into & swam the vast oceans of science; astrophysics, quantum-mechanics, astronomy, particle theories, photon studies, psychological experiments, the multilayered field of neurology and whatnot & so-forth.

Having my mental gears stuck in research overdrive so-to-speak, I ended up, for whatever reasons, reexamining Astrology. I decided against flipping through the pages of a Dummy’s Guide to Astrology, chucking it & walking away. Instead, I gave it the same unbiased & thorough investigation as I had with the other fields. At the start of the studies I laughed at myself for even bothering myself with what I was convinced was going to be a waste of time. When it was all said and done my face had pulled a 180. I wasn’t smirking at the beginning of a comedy; rather I was stunned by the unpredictable finale –surprised at how many Astrological principles did in-fact match, or was compatible with, known science.

From what I had realized, Science & Astrology were no longer the polar-opposite enemies they once were. However, they likewise didn’t suddenly see themselves as newfound BBFs frolicking through the meadow (so-to-speak). It’s definitely a “frienemy” relationship –the key is bent & scrapes the lock, but it still gets you in the door. Many of Astrology’s details just don’t sync up with its stepbrother Science. Other details could be a fit with a stretch or with a reformed set of scientific theories. Despite there being a continuing rift, the point remains; the unexpected find being that a hearty slice of Astrology did translate legibly into known scientific facts.

Thus began a new Astrology, “Neo-Astrology”, also called “Astrolomy” –a literal mix of Astrology & Astronomy.