Solar Wind Impact on Astrological Influence

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Solar Winds & their Impact on Solar, Mercurial & Venusian Astrological Influences:

Stars, such as the Sun, give off much more than visible light & radiation (i.e. photons). Due to the chaos of solar fusion, they also send out countless particles such as protons & electrons at breakneck speeds (over 380 miles per second; i.e. from NYC to LA in 5 seconds). The sheer quantity of these incomprehensibly small particles being thrown into space is jaw dropping. Despite being virtually weightless1, over 8 TRILLION pounds of them fly out from the Sun each hour (that is over 2 BILLION pounds worth per second!2). There are so many particles being launched into space that it created a virtual wind that pushes against other objects. This expelled plasma is Solar Wind. Like the hurricane-force winds we watch rip roofs off of homes with ease, solar winds are intensely powerful. It pushes against our Electromagnetic shield; squishing it up front and pushing it towards the rear into a lengthy tail almost 4 million miles long. The electromagnetic tail of Venus has been forced out all the way to our own orbit. The winds have been, and continue to, tear at the Martian atmosphere (1/3rd of the original has already been stripped away). Its force aids itself by the newly emitted amounts pushing on those in front, propagating its travel through the Solar System. These winds continue out into space for over 10 billion miles from Earth which is out there beyond Pluto. These winds are a constant output, but are far from consistent. Not only does it vary right off the get go, but a multitude of variables change its velocity & density from place to place & time to time. It is pretty predictable near its source, but even this can alter suddenly & drastically if a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) occurs (i.e. a massive outward blast from the surface of the Sun). Like the waves of the ocean, there is constant change. The rotation of the Sun & its rotating magnetic field (both of which, as with the planets, move counterclockwise) causes its fathered winds to spin (like a pinwheel) & wave (like coastal waters) resulting in a twirling wave (like the skirt of a ballerina in action). Going back to its influences, the force & density of this wind impacts incoming particles such as Cosmic Rays. Just as our magnetic field prevents a large percentage of particles from reaching our delicate bodies, the solar winds stop a good chunk of them from coming near Earth in the first place. Due to the carriers of Astrological Influences being similar (if not identical) in nature to those incoming cosmic energies, solar winds can & do influence their trajectories & intensities. This is no greater a reality than with the inner planets Mercury & Venus due to their proximity to the source. At this core of the solar system, the solar winds are fastest, densest and the effects of CMEs are greatest. When uninfluenced all moving particles (including photons) would travel in straight lines (ad infinitum theoretically). However, they are constantly being bothered while trying to go about their merry way. Gravity alone can throw them off course. The incoming photon trajectory from our galactic center, for instance, is pulled on by the gravitational dip of the Sun, causing a curved directional change of around 20 degrees3. Despite rotating, solar winds do not spin around in orbits like planets, but instead are spiraling outward. Let us say that the positioning of Earth, Mercury & the Sun form a right-triangle (Sun at 90 degree corner, Mercury & Earth at the others). Most would think that here emitted energy from Mercury would travel the straight path of the hypotenuse all the way to Earth time & time again; a simple, sweet & to the point transfer of influencing Astrological energy. I wish that such an elementary journey was the case, though it is not. And yet it is not-always-not the case (a double negative for the double complexity). The above generally works half the time while it fails during the other half. Just as there are gaps between the blades of a pinwheel, there is what could be seen as gaps (shaped like curved spokes) in the spinning winds of energy. These gaps, which should rather be called weak, are the zones in the solar wind which has generally low end densities4 but velocities on the high end of the scale. The actual spokes of this pinwheel, which could be deemed strong, are vice versa with high density & low velocity. Though it varies often, generally the wind locally circumventing the sun has 8 main spokes; four of which are strong & 4 are weak. The zones alternate strong-weak-strong-weak and so on. The strong zones are roughly 90 degrees apart from one another, as are the weak zones; thus the center of each spoke (zone) is 45 degrees from the next. Weak zones are generally wider than the compressed strong zones. From its origin at the Sun to the Earth 148 million miles away, the curvature of the winds is around 135 degrees. When looking at an individual zone of wind (spoke), to circle the Sun the Earth takes 365 days while it does it in less than 30. When it comes to the influence of Solar Wind upon Mercurial influences influencing Earth, let us start with the simpler of the two zones; the weak. Pertaining to Astrological influences, the high velocity of weak-zones is an inhibitor while the low density allows their uninhibited aspects to appear. The impact of the density factor outweighs the speed issue and thus the positive side generally shows forth.5 An additional positive, as previously stated, is the greater width of these weak zones. When Mercury is in the tail end of a weak zone (and is in an appropriate location in relation to the Earth & Sun), this is its time to take am and FIRE AT EARTH! A wide zone, proper angle & good proximity will result in a shower upon us by some of the purest (very low outside influence) Mercurial energies possible. A thin width, improper angle or poor proximity can be like a blind man with tremors shooting arrows during a hurricane; they might end up anywhere. As a CME acts like a Sumo Wrestler, shoving high density wind out of the way & leaving a weak zone in its wake, one popping up at just the right time could carve a literal straightaway between Mercury & Earth for a turkey shoot. However, CMEs can also be like an out-of-nowhere tornado which turns a clear path into a debris laden impasse; just another of those pesky variables that can change everything in a flash. Next comes the other type of zone, the dense spokes; strong. Moving slower & being denser, these zones act as barriers in the interplanetary medium (like an extra electromagnetic shield moving through the solar system). It puts a halt to most particles that run into it. A percentage are deflected wherever, another amount is destroyed, while the remainder become lodged in the plasma (wind). The built up quantities of trapped non-solar energies (such as Mercurial) are dragged through space to wherever the zone is heading. This drastically changes the course of influences running into it. This process of one energy mass holding onto a different one is well understood with the Van Allen Radiation Belt around our planet. This enormous mass of energy is held captive by our electromagnetic field. It is the accumulation of particles from the sun & cosmos that did not penetrate, were not deflected & were not annihilated. It includes solar wind particles, cosmic rays & even antimatter. This belt is tens of thousands of miles thick with densities of approx. 10,000,000 particles per square centimeter. Many of these lost bits have immense energy. Many trapped protons, for instance, have enough energy to pierce 5.6 inches of lead. Despite such power, they are still therein. Going back to the issue of the entrapment of influential energies within the strong wind zones; there does occur an event a few times per year of major impact. When a strong zone, traveling three times faster than the orbit of Mercury, reaches the small world, the dense solar winds completely encompass it like a blueberry in a jelly mold. As the wind pushes past, around, over & under Mercury, it would be taking in (entrapping) the radiating energies from the planet (not to mention the extra that the winds forcibly steal). Even if a zone flowed around Mercury for only a split second with a width of a few miles, it would still obtain countless particles. However, even the thin strong-zones are millions of miles wide and take over 12 hours to fully pass Mercury. Thus, the wind is constantly vacuuming up Mercurial influential-energies for over 720 minutes straight. All wind zones reach & pass the orbital ring of Earth. If Earth happened to be at the same location of the ring that the Mercurial-soaked millions-of-miles wide belt reaches, then Earth would be more-or-less drowned in Mercurial influence. After literally hours & hours of doing enormous calculations, making complicated charts & constructing scaled diagrams, it turns out that not only does this occur several times per year, but that I was able to discover when (which days). (For example, the soonest time it will occur, at the time of writing this, will be starting on February 23rd & 24th of 2013.) However, this ocean of Mercurial Influence is filled with pollution (i.e. other particles & influences, such as those from the Sun obviously). The rotation of Solar Winds causes another issue which needs to be known. After has passed between the Earth & Sun on its journey towards the rear of our star, the rotation, force & zones of the winds prevent any further Mercurial influences upon Earth until coming around from the behind the Sun once again. Thus this influence would be far from pure; filthy rather. All of these same occurrences mentioned with Mercury occur with Venus as well.


1 – To equal 1 measly pound, we would need over 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons; i.e. 5 trillion groups where each group has 100 trillion.

2 – Every second over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons & protons are expelled from the Sun.

3 – This trajectory change, at times, makes certain cosmic flows to seem as though they are coming through a different Zodiacal Constellation than they actually are.

4 – In 1999, a prolonged solar wind weak-zone impacting earth had 90% lower energy than average. This allowed our electromagnetic field to grow 5x larger before the arrival of stronger winds.

5 – When I say positive, I am speaking in relation to wholly unbothered Astrological Influences being their perfect form. This is not in regards to the positives & negatives of the Influences in the Dyad of this world.