You have the wrong Zodiac Birth-Sign: Part 1

Solar Winds Change Your Sign

Part I


“Why are you waving hello with your back turned to me?”

Most particles which are emitted from stars take straight-line journeys, so one would say that a constellation of stars pointing at you is the one influencing you. However, mainstream Astrologers say that a constellation (such as Gemini –the twins– in my case) has to be aligned with the Sun at someone’s birth for such influence (the influence that sets the Astrological foundation for that person’s life). That constellation of the Zodiac is deemed one’s birth-sign for life. The problem is that the Solar Winds talked about in the previous segment are not taken into account with this major Astrological connection.

So, let’s do so now:

(Note: All of the following images were made for simple illustration only. They are obviously not to scale, are not scientifically accurate and, as said, are for general visualization only.)


Above we have the general line up of the Sun, Earth & the star constellation Gemini for one who is born as a supposed Gemini (i.e. born between May 21 & June 21). The red arrows illustrate the Sun’s Solar Winds while the green arrows show the emissions (influence) from the star systems.

As shown, due to the Sun’s winds, the emissions from Gemini cannot reach Earth during this lineup (the appropriate lineup for a Gemini according to mainstream Astrology). The emissions from Gemini’s stars cannot reach the Sun –due to the outgoing solar pressure– let alone pass the Sun to reach us (i.e. Earth). Thus, Gemini cannot be the system causing influence during such time of the year, or at least cannot be the one giving the greatest amount of influence.

Instead, it is the constellation on the opposite side of the sky which has its greatest influence upon Earth during this time period. When the Sun is in Gemini, to the rear is the constellation called Sagittarius, and this is the constellation putting its emissions upon the planet. First, there is less solar pressure further out allowing emissions to get closer to Earth in this position. Second, the Earth blocks (intercepts) some of the solar winds heading in the direction of Sagittarius. Which is easier? Getting to a position with an industrial fan blowing in your face, or trying to get to that position which has a closed door between you & the fan?

Thus, one born as a supposed Gemini is actually a Sagittarius! This is for all of the Birth-Signs. Take your current sign and look at the zodiacal sign opposite from it. That would be your actual birth-sign. My ex, for example, a supposed Libra is thus actually an Aries. So yes, I am actually saying that, according to the above, mainstream astrology has all the birth-signs backwards.

Wait a second! The Sun doesn’t lineup perfectly with the Earth & a birth-sign constellation, so wouldn’t the stars’ influence slip past the Sun and reach Earth?

Well, let us see:


(Again, red arrows are the Sun’s solar winds & green are the constellation’s emissions.)

When incoming emissions enter the solar system from the constellation (upper left) heading towards Earth, they encounter a problem. That problem is again those pesky solar winds. The incoming influencing emissions, via particle-pressure and photon-interaction / reflection, are pushed away. That shove causes a directional change and instead of heading to Earth, they fly off into deep space –not allowing for any influence upon us.

Thus, despite the lineup not being perfect, the influence continues to be lacking. So, the birth-signs in the mainstream continue to be in reverse.

(Before you start throwing proverbial stones at me as a heretic to Astrology, please read on.)

For someone to actually be considered a Gemini, they would have to be born during the mainstream Sagittarius time period as shown below:


You may say, if the above is your case are a Gemini instead of a Sagittarius according to what I’m saying, that you have all of the mainstream Sagittarius traits and have nothing in common with Gemini –and thus my ideas must be wrong. (Most of you reading this are probably thinking about the sign opposite your birth-sign and have the same argument.) The thing is… you do not acquire the traits of Gemini because this article shows you to be a Gemini. Even though the Astrologers had the signs wrong, it does not mean (theoretically) that they have the traits (and attributes) wrong. Rather, you need (if you have now found yourself to be a Gemini rather than a Sagittarius) to transfer over all of Sagittarius’ traits to Gemini. All that is changing is the constellation (Zodiacal sign) itself; that and that alone.

So, according to the science, if you were a…

…Aries, you are now a Libra.

…Taurus, you are now a Scorpio.

…Gemini, you are now a Sagittarius.

…Cancer, you are now a Capricorn.

…Leo, you are now an Aquarius.

…Virgo, you are now a Pisces.

…Libra, you are now an Aries.

…Scorpio, you are now a Taurus.

…Sagittarius, you are now a Gemini.

…Capricorn, you are now a Cancer.

…Aquarius, you are now a Leo.

…Pisces, you are now a Virgo.

Again, remember that you are not taking on (changing) anything besides for the sign itself.

Interestingly, I also found that lunar (Moon) influence as held by mainstream Astrology is also backwards. The mainstream holds that the Moon has its strongest influence upon us when it is a Full Moon (i.e. when the Earth is between the Sun & Moon) –hence the term “Lunatic”.

Making things confusing, it is reverse positioning when compared to the signs of the zodiac and yet Solar Winds are again the cause.

Well, let’s take a look at it:


(Red arrows again equal Solar Winds and, now, green arrows are lunar influence.)

The Solar Winds prevent the majority of lunar emissions from reaching us.

So when is the Moon actually having the most emission-influence upon Earth? Again, let us see:


This image shows the positioning of a “New Moon”, when the moon is lacking from our night-time skies (per-say). Here the solar winds (due to the Moon being between the Sun & Earth) force the Moon the influence the Earth in a blasting fashion. The Solar Winds push the Moon’s emissions right at us; not to mention the standard emission heading (virtually unheeded) towards Earth anyway.

So, in conclusion to this article, mainstream Astrology has it backwards; you are actually your opposite zodiac sign and the Moon is great when unseen. HOWEVER… (Yes, I had to throw another wrench into the gears.)

This paper was not a waste of your time to read and thus was not a joke being played on you. Rather, this paper was to ease you into the ways Western-Tropical (mainstream) Astrology has many things wrong. Here we looked at Solar Winds from a side-view (vertical slice) and how it changes the reality of Zodiacal Influences upon Earth. However, we also need to look at the Solar Winds from a top-down view (horizontal slice) –i.e. we need to see the whole picture and then, when we do, our Birth-Signs again change. The good news is that when you see the whole picture, you can, once & for all, know what your actual & always Zodiacal Birth-Sign is.

To continue, see part II of this issue & my article on Sidereal Astrology.

Written & Illustrated by: Daniel Kagan (Neo-Socrates)


Edited & expanded on 4/17/2013 (by the same Daniel Kagan) from the below noted earlier editions

Published on on 1/12/2013

Original paper published on as “Science of Astrology” through the pen-names of Bukowskibabe (my friend’s member name) & Daniel Kagan on 7/11/2011