Soulmatehood of Pneumatici

Soulmatehood of Pneumatici (Spirituals)

By: Neo-Socrates


A SoulMate is not just someone that will be compatible with you. It is not just some term to slap onto whoever you confess feelings of love to. A SoulMate is the ONE & ONLY soul with whom you were connected to before this life.
When born into this life, almost all memories & knowledge the soul had of its previous existence is forgotten; which is the reason why many compared this life to a coma or bout of amnesia. The memories are not wholly lost, but rather are temporarily inaccessible by the human brain. Included in this MIA cache of information is one’s Soulmate (herein to be deemed “SM”), and so who he/she is has become another unknown (another forgotten fact). The differences between a Soul & Living body adds to the difficulty. Your SM was not in a body prior, so there is no physical appearance to remember in the first place. Your SM can look like anyone and there is no way to narrow that field. Your SM had no voice to hear, and so there is no person’s accent or unique word use to listen for. Your SM didn’t have an ethnicity, nationality or race either. One can have a long conversation with a stranger without obtaining a single fleeting thought that the stranger was, in fact, their SM. Seeming that appearance is meaningless, do not look for “love at first sight” as the answer.
Before birth as male or female Souls were androgynous. Usually one soul becomes one sex while the other soul becomes the other; however, this is not a rule. Not even gender is a sure clue as to who is who. SMs may both be living as the same sex. In this case, despite it seeming homosexuality, one or both individuals may not have same-sex preference (which causes major complications in such cases).
Age is another thing pointless to use as a guide. The two souls of a SM-hood will rarely be born within bodies at the same time. The time from one being born to the other birth can span years or even decades. My SM, for example, is 25 years my senior. Likewise, the two SMs may be born lands apart. To use myself again as an example, my SM & I were born around 2,000 miles apart (and were still living 1,300 miles apart when first discovering one another –though we had been but a fraction of that distance apart several times beforehand). Thankfully, during the fall the pairs of souls usually remain close and so the locations & times are in a smaller window than in my own case.
Most Spirituals live out their physical lives without any innate Soul-based extra senses / abilities being reactivated. Thus, most will not be able to use “feelings” to know one’s SM. Connective elements between SMs are virtually constant, yet are consciously non-existent for the majority. On the other hand, Unconscious (i.e. Jungian version of the Freudian Subconscious) links, exchanges, clues, etc. are pretty common in dreams, random thoughts, blank action & things we think are nothing. However, due
to the cryptic nature of the Unconscious portion of the Psyche, skilled interpretation is needed to find any meanings therein, if there are any.
Having forgotten your pre-birth past paired with decades of living as people, we connect physical relationship ideas to the ideas of SM-hood. Thus the things you see as equaling a perfect marriage / relationship you attribute to the reconnection with your SM. However, this is not the case. Many things one would see as making a bad relationship are realities of a recently reconnected SM-hood.
Here are some example details possible in an early SM-&-SM re-relationship which seems contrary to a good relationship:
> Emotionally / mentally crippling jealousy towards SM’s previous relationships (sexual, emotional, mental, etc.) resulting in irrational anger border-lining on feelings of hatred
> Attempts to control all aspects of SM’s life, including their thoughts
> Being angry when SM is angry, causing the dual-fueling of arguments with neither backing down
> Being upset instead of consoling in regards to anything upsetting SM
> The male SM of the pair experiences rapid sexual changes such as erectile dysfunction
The above examples look like details out of a case file following a really problematic marriage rather than a reuniting of Soulmates; which is why most don’t see what they have until much later on, if at all. As stated, the cause of the confusion is the commonplace practice of using worldly ideas for something not of this world.
This chaotic period of the early phases is a natural & usually required part of the SM-hood reconnection process. This is similar to Matter & Antimatter: They become from the splitting of energy in twain. For the split energy to become one again & so become stable / balanced, the matter & antimatter must reconnect. However, their reuniting meeting is extremely violent (like a nuclear blast on an atomic scale). But after this complete chaos, the energy is rebalanced & calm as a united whole.
The problem is, we are human and in-turn usually not very good at seeing things we personally deem negative as the positive things they may actually be. Thus, the temporary period of craziness causes many to break off the relationship and go onward with the search for their SM without realizing that the treasure was already found –and abandoned.
(The closest I had ever come to lying about a reading, to protect the emotional wellbeing of the requester, was with a great friend of my Brother’s years ago. Before we knew one another, he had entered into a relationship with a woman & married her after but a few weeks. The marriage was explosive, with one or the other storming out of the house screaming & cursing a few times per week. They would reconcile a few hours after each fight; fights which they couldn’t explain. Half the time they seemed like a couple in bliss while the rest of the time they were at each other’s throat like sworn enemies; and it went from one type to the other so frequently that it looked like a marriage formed by a mad scientist. Well, shortly before their one year anniversary, one fight spiraled uncontrollably and, before anyone knew what was going on, they were divorced & moved states apart –and they have not spoken since. He moved on with his life and after a several years, he met my brother & they became
good friends. Eventually he left the bar scene & entered a serious relationship with a very compatible woman. A few years later they were married. By their fifth wedding anniversary, when I had met him, they had three children, owned a growing successful business and moved both of their parents into the neighborhood. They were a legitimately happy couple; a match seeming to have been fashioned in heaven. Being the gossip he is, my brother told him of my Oracle. With the bully mentality that never departed from my older brother, he joked about it incessantly with him & kept egging me on to “live up to [my] name’s start”, referring to the Jewish Prophet Daniel. Out of frustration I gave in & told of things. My brother literally laughed the beer out of his nostrils. There was no laughter when the things told had occurred. Not too long thereafter, my brother’s friend, being inquisitive, approached me & asked me to tell him more. I was agreeable to the idea. He didn’t know what to ask and jokingly asked if his wife was his Soulmate. I didn’t realize that it was a joke, nor did I know at the time that he believed in SM-hood only in the romantic sense. I received an answer to the pseudo-question and was immediately disheartened. He saw the serious & saddened look upon my face and made it known to me that the question had been a joke. I tried to roll with that, faking laughter, but it was too late & he knew that I knew something. It turned out that, as you most likely saw coming, his first wife had been his Soulmate all along while his current happy-go-lucky current marriage was spiritual-adultery.)
Another wrench that’s at the ready to be chucked into the gears of all this confusion is that the telltale chaos of early SM reuniting is not a failsafe indicator of a SM-hood. If fighting with someone with extreme intensity always equaled SMs, then criminals & cops need to kiss & get married already. Thinking that the chaos explained above immediately means SM would be a very dangerous frame of mind which would most likely lead to one being the victim of domestic violence / abuse. And for the vice versa addition of difficulty, not all early reuniting of SMs will result in the chaos phase.
As with Neo-Astrology, one cannot look at a single segment hoping to get a clear & accurate view of the whole; flipping a coin would have better results. Instead, one must see the situation from all angles & have all details involved in the equation. Then one can, with high certainty, realize if a relationship is just a relationship or if it is something far more (in the case of the chaos era, if the odd relationship is the most meaningful of all or if it is just a crappy coupling).
For some it will sadly be as difficult as all of this while others will seem to have their Soulmate simply dropped in their lap (and anywhere between for the rest; which is the majority).