Soulmatehood of Psychici

Soulmatehood of Psychici (a.k.a. Psychics)

Γάμος των ψυχών των ανθρώπων της ψυχικής ουσίας

(lit. Marriage of souls of the people of psychic substance)

By: Neo-Socrates


While the Soulmatehood & Soulmate-chronology of Spirituals (Pneumatici) is two-fold (one era pre-birth & one era post-birth), it is not the same for that of the Psychics (Psychici)1.

A Psychic’s Self (individual Being) did not exist prior to their life upon this world. Their soul, spirit, mind, individualization all began uniquely for the individual while their body grew in the womb. This is the case for all people who are the Psychic type.

Due to Spirituals having an in-place Soulmatehood (Soul-Marriage) prior to birth in addition to the unpredictability of body-entry time & location of each half of a pair, it is extremely difficult for them (Spirituals) to relocate their M.I.A. soul-spouse. Psychics, on the other hand, do not have this problem seeming that they were non-existent before beginning in the womb of birthing. However, because of this genesis, Psychics lack an inherent Soulmate2. Psychics do not obtain a unique metaphysical link to another Psychic when forming in the material womb (as a forged Soulmatehood divided from the get-go) —nor at a time around that point. Despite these apparent negations, Psychics do not inherently lack a future Soulmate.

Soulmatehoods of Psychics come into creation post-birth and occurs via certain processes. Thus, a certain individual may not be a Psychic’s Soulmate and yet may become such at a later time. The processes leading to Soulmatehood occur mutually between two Psychics, so there isn’t the horrible idea of being the Soulmate to someone who is another’s Soulmate (i.e. Polygamous Soulmatehoods). The processes, however, usually occur unconsciously; the Soul, one could say, chooses its mate3.

Despite occurring unconsciously, the processes have effects which an individual is conscious of; like ripples on the surface of a pond from the occurrences below. The conscious effects are usually of a sensory/emotional nature; most of which mirroring those considered normal of love-based relationships. However, keeping with the earlier pond motif, the onlooker (you) cannot make out what/where those disturbances on the surface came from. It could be from the mating of two Koi, or it could be from a Snapping Turtle grabbing a meal. Thus, having such feelings does not mean that they are resulting from Pre-Soulmate processes.

During the process, both parties usually experience uncontrollable thoughts of one another (i.e. mental obsession). Sometimes, however, the thoughts are of a negative nature and may result in the end of the relationship.

The Pre-Soulmate process occurs because of unconsciously recognized Soul-to-Soul compatibilities. However, due to the Soul’s natures usually being unconscious to the hosting individual (and sometimes contradictory to the person’s active personality), a person (who is Soulmate-lacking) may never become Soulmates with their current relationship partner.

The Pre-Soulmate process always begins after both parties have been together in-person (direct face-to-face socialization). The process may stop before finalizing the two as Soulmates due to a multitude of reasons. If the process does not finish with one person, it can start over with another individual. However, once the process has finished between two people, being “Soulmates” at that point, it cannot be undone and it cannot begin with another. The process finalizes both ways at the same time.

Despite having a lower chance than Spiritual Soulmates, Psychic Soulmates also can separate & enter into another relationship with someone other than their Soulmate. As with Spiritual Soulmatehood, this can make Psychic Soulmate-reuniting a very problematic issue.

Though rare, a Psychic may live out a lengthy life without ever having entered into Soulmatehood.

As with other types, Psychics cannot become the Soulmate to and/or of an individual who is another type (i.e. a Spiritual or Material).


1 – “Psychics” is used throughout this text, unless otherwise noted, as the Valentinian group (type) of people in addition to the “Spirituals” & “Materials” which makes up the Theo-philosophical Three Types of Mankind, as it is the commonly used layman word for such. (The Valentinian Three Types of Humanity should not be linked to Plato’s Three Types (parts) of Essence (Soul); “Logistikon”, “Thumetikon” & “Epithumetikon”.) The word “Psychic” comes from “Psychikos” (ψυχικὸς), the Greek adjective meaning “of the Psyche (ψυχή).” Deriving from “Psukho” (ψύχω) meaning “to blow [air]”, “Psyche” is usually translated as “soul”, “spirit”, “life”, “life-breath” & one’s “mind.” Thus, Psychic would mean “of the soul”, “of the spirit”, etc. –including “of the mind”, which is the meaning of Psychic today. (Likewise, Materials are “Hylic” (ὕλης) meaning “of matter/physical (Hyle {ὕλη})” & Spirituals are “Pneumatikos” (πνευματικός) which are those “of spirit (Pneuma {πνεῦμα}).”) I purposely did not break down “Psychic[s]” into a “of x” formula in the literal translation of the title which would have focused its meaning. This is because the word Psyche did not match any of the normal definitions in the eyes of the Valentinians. (Discussing the Valentinian meaning of Psyche will be for another text.)

2 – Psychics do have inherent (eternal) Soulmates, but only in the philosophical sense of the predetermined (via Determinism in the “Master Argument”A form) actualization of potentials. (The Master Argument refers to that of Diodorus Cronus and not to that of the same name started by George Berkeley.)

3 – Psychic Soulmatehood could be compared to a person’s act of choosing who they will marry. However, I steer away from this comparison because this would (on the flip side) cause Spiritual Soulmatehoods to be erroneously compared to arranged marriages. In contrast with arranged marriages (such as those of Traditional Indian Culture), Spiritual Soulmatehoods were not originally arranged by others (Beings or Powers). Ironically, the Soulmatehoods of some Psychics mirror Arranged Marriages in that sense (i.e. arrangement by another). (This is beyond the scope of this text and will be explained in another.)

Originally Published on on 2/1/2013