Heavenly Tablet


During the seemingly routine Tuesday’s morning of April 20th of 2010, I bore witness to one of the most amazing Visions of my life. That evening I sketched out what I had seen into the Sketch Diary which I kept, and continue to keep, specifically for documenting my Visions. Two days later, I wrote down the details of & around that Vision. I also made personal notes of opinion & theory regarding it (including a note dated to three months later).
Throughout 2010 I was working the night shift and thus slept during the day. At that time I would usually head for the bed between 9am & noon. Blackout drapes, aluminum foil & a closed door made my bedroom as black as a moonless night during the daylight hours.
Before trying to fall asleep that day, I silently meditated in the darkness with the planned hope of obtaining a Vision. While meditating, I had many high-grade “Irises” (see the Introduction to my Visions for an explanation of these “Irises”) which interestingly did not require the usual chaotic straining of intense willful concentration. Following the Irises came forth the Vision.
Despite the Vision being astounding & of seemingly great importance, I soon fell asleep thereafter without documenting a single iota of it. When I awoke around seven hours later, I had forgotten of the Vision; not recalling it in the slightest. Less than an hour after waking, I sat in my living room, closed my eyes and began silently praying (onto who I was praying is not of issue here). Between praises I asked of my reason (“What is my purpose in life?”; “What is my point?”). At this time was when the morning’s Vision came flooding back to me; obtaining recall.

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Serpents of Duality


On February 27th of 2010, I received a two part Vision. It was the first post-“Iris” Vision I had ever experienced (see the Introduction to my Visions for an explanation of “Irises”). Little did I know that it would not be the only one which I would receive, but rather was the start to a string of hundreds of visions (dozens of which have been documented) spanning three years & counting.
The Vision shocked me, amazed me, puzzled me, excited me & frightened me; releasing a surge of conflicting feelings & thoughts. Three years later, it personally remains one of the most important Visions I have received.
I first documented the Vision on March 6th. Despite being over a week after the Vision, it remained rather clear in my memory. This original documentation was done on a piece of lined notebook paper while having some downtime at my job during the time. It was a pair of rough drawings done with a pen surrounded by speedily jotted notes. I redrew both parts into my documentation sketch diary on March 18th with greater attention to detail –and the use of a pencil first. (I had attached the original drawings to the back of one of them.) I also typed up a detailed documentation of the Vision on my laptop computer at the time. (That laptop was lost, along with that documentation. Thankfully, the surviving notes in addition to my memory of the Vision have salvaged it.)
The Vision had occurred on my day off (Saturday) approximately around 10 or 11am that morning after a relaxed sleep.

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Introduction to Documented Visions

By: Neo-Socrates



Every documented Vision whether consciously mediated (Meditative Visions) or spontaneous (Spark Visions), unless otherwise noted, begin with what I have personally named as “Irises.”

Irises are the main structures that I see (visible in/with my so-called “Mind’s Eye”) during the transitional period between the point of having a generally blank mind and the point when the actual “Visions” occur. In the pitch-black darkness (of the mental viewing-frame / field of vision) appears the first Iris in a manner like a film’s “fade-in.” An Iris usually has the general shape of, well, the Iris of your eye; hence the reason I named them as such. It is circular with a hole in the middle; like an average doughnut. Beyond its outer perimeter is the original blackness. Within the hole is different however. The space within is even darker; inexplicably so. It is as though it has an infinite depth of absolute nothingness where not even darkness exists; more-or-less beyond explanation as I said. The only things within that empty hole are multiple small (very short) protrusions (or bumps / distortions in shape) from the inner perimeter of the Iris’s circle. While the inner is commonly imperfect with these polyp-like extensions, the outer perimeter is, the majority of the time, virtually perfect; the Platonic “Idea” (not to be confused with “ideal”) of a circle (i.e. a Pythagorean pristine circle’s edge). The meat of the Iris per-say (i.e. the thickness/width between the inner & outer perimeters) is of varying color. However, it usually has the color of the setting Sun; a bright pastel mixture of yellows & oranges. The coloring is not uniform (homogeneous) throughout. When it comes to the Iris’ look texture-wise, it is another part of its appearance which is extremely difficult to explain. It is as though it is made out of liquid fire; yes, liquid fire. Not molten like lava, but rather more fluid like chicken broth or something like that. It is like its substance is internally in perpetual motion, though not like running water. The internal flowing is not in a mono-directional circular motion, nor in a few currents, but instead seems as though there are many small volumes all moving in unique & changing directions and intertwine with others; so many so that following a single volume’s path would be virtually impossible.

During this transitional period, there are many successive Irises. Normally, the original will, at an average pace, come towards (closer to) my mind’s eyeball so-to-speak; thus giving the illusion of growth. While that Iris comes towards me, in the center (more-or-less) of its empty void (hole) a virtual speck appears in its distant depths. The speck, heading in the same direction, becomes visually larger & clearer as it gets closer. It looks like a growing circular blob made of the same substance as the Iris. As it gets closer, it becomes clear that it is another Iris (its center being discernible). The original (preceding) Iris has usually vanished (faded-out) at the point the new (incoming) Iris is close/large enough to notice its central hole. This second Iris continues its incoming path until another comes into view within its center. One by one (mainly), they keep on showing up, coming forth & fading out.

As the transitional period progresses, the conga-line of Irises (per-say) usually becomes steadily faster & faster. During this throttle increase, the ending Irises (those which fade away nearby) disappear at closer & closer locations in regards to the Iris of my Self. However, the closer they end & the faster they come, it is increasingly difficult to “hold.” I mean that allowing the continuation of this process becomes more & more difficult, usually requiring greater concentration. Many times, holding it together (i.e. keeping the progression moving forward) results in several of the following: headache, heart palpitations, sweating, muscle tremors & straining causing pain or soreness, tearing, cold-chills, tingling sensations in the face, fingers, toes or limbs, etc. (Sometimes, when multiple of these consequences happen simultaneously, it is likened onto a sense of dying –to such an extent that an irrational & uncontrollable fear of death forces me to end the process.)

Then, virtually without warning, a preceding Iris will stop in its tracks and a new Iris does not appear within. (Many times the straining concentration is no longer needed at this moment; like a large sigh of relief.) When this sole Iris remains in-place, it marks the point for the start of the Visions. Like a window, or rather a viewing-glass (monocular), the Visions are through the stagnant Iris. There is distance between me & the window (per-say) and further distance from the window to what’s been seen as the Vision. Thus, the resolution is not as great as I would desire.