Serpents of Duality


On February 27th of 2010, I received a two part Vision. It was the first post-“Iris” Vision I had ever experienced (see the Introduction to my Visions for an explanation of “Irises”). Little did I know that it would not be the only one which I would receive, but rather was the start to a string of hundreds of visions (dozens of which have been documented) spanning three years & counting.
The Vision shocked me, amazed me, puzzled me, excited me & frightened me; releasing a surge of conflicting feelings & thoughts. Three years later, it personally remains one of the most important Visions I have received.
I first documented the Vision on March 6th. Despite being over a week after the Vision, it remained rather clear in my memory. This original documentation was done on a piece of lined notebook paper while having some downtime at my job during the time. It was a pair of rough drawings done with a pen surrounded by speedily jotted notes. I redrew both parts into my documentation sketch diary on March 18th with greater attention to detail –and the use of a pencil first. (I had attached the original drawings to the back of one of them.) I also typed up a detailed documentation of the Vision on my laptop computer at the time. (That laptop was lost, along with that documentation. Thankfully, the surviving notes in addition to my memory of the Vision have salvaged it.)
The Vision had occurred on my day off (Saturday) approximately around 10 or 11am that morning after a relaxed sleep.

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