Heavenly Tablet


During the seemingly routine Tuesday’s morning of April 20th of 2010, I bore witness to one of the most amazing Visions of my life. That evening I sketched out what I had seen into the Sketch Diary which I kept, and continue to keep, specifically for documenting my Visions. Two days later, I wrote down the details of & around that Vision. I also made personal notes of opinion & theory regarding it (including a note dated to three months later).
Throughout 2010 I was working the night shift and thus slept during the day. At that time I would usually head for the bed between 9am & noon. Blackout drapes, aluminum foil & a closed door made my bedroom as black as a moonless night during the daylight hours.
Before trying to fall asleep that day, I silently meditated in the darkness with the planned hope of obtaining a Vision. While meditating, I had many high-grade “Irises” (see the Introduction to my Visions for an explanation of these “Irises”) which interestingly did not require the usual chaotic straining of intense willful concentration. Following the Irises came forth the Vision.
Despite the Vision being astounding & of seemingly great importance, I soon fell asleep thereafter without documenting a single iota of it. When I awoke around seven hours later, I had forgotten of the Vision; not recalling it in the slightest. Less than an hour after waking, I sat in my living room, closed my eyes and began silently praying (onto who I was praying is not of issue here). Between praises I asked of my reason (“What is my purpose in life?”; “What is my point?”). At this time was when the morning’s Vision came flooding back to me; obtaining recall.

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