What is “KEEN” & Why?


KEEN, with their motto of “Your Personal Advisor”, is a phone/internet company providing access to the services of thousands of individual (& grouped) advisers, practitioners & experts focused around the Metaphysical-arts (including Psychics, Astrologers, Dream-Interpreters, Mediums, Tarot-Readers, Numerologists, teachers of Feng-Shui & more). KEEN allows customers to obtain services from the advisor of their choosing and has several methods for client/advisor interaction (live phone conversations, Keen e-mailing & 1-on-1 chat sessions).

KEEN is self-explained on their site as being “a trusted, reliable resource for personal advice since its launch in 1999. Over a decade later, millions of successful transactions have confirmed KEEN as a leader in phone and web–based personal advice. KEEN is dedicated to empowering lives by helping people discover answers to their most pressing questions. We’re proud of our network of personal advisors: a diverse group of practitioners offering intuitive, spiritual services and so much more. We’ll continue to innovate exciting community–focused ideas for decades to come.

Below is a linked KEEN promotion giving new customers 3 FREE minutes to give their services a risk-free try. (No purchase is required for you to take advantage of this offer.)

At the end of your free trial, if you decide that you want to continue receiving the services of KEEN’s advisers, allow their Satisfaction Guarantee to put your mind at ease: “We want every conversation you have on Keen to be a satisfactory experience. If it isn’t, we’ll credit your Member account for the amount of the transaction, up to a limit of $25.


For those of you who lean more towards the Metaphysical, it is probably of little surprise & small wonder to find that I am an advisor in the subjects which are deemed erroneously as Pseudo(False)-Sciences. But for those of you on the supposedly-opposite end of the spectrum, being scientifically-minded, were probably blindsided by my speaking of conventional sciences and then connected to Psychics on the same page.

As shown both generally & in detail throughout the site, I have mixed & continue to mix the so-called supernatural with the natural (though not for the reason of bias/belief). On top of this, as explained under the “My Oracle” category, I was born with an extra-sense which is supernatural in the sense that mainstream science has yet to understand/explain it.

Half as a virtual hypocrite, half from being logical, I have generally denounced & even mocked ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception), Über(super)-intuition, Psychic ability & the like.

On the logical end, many, if not most, of those claiming to have supernatural senses are easily found to be using regular faculties in unique ways. An example method used by false claimants would be:

  • Someone having expert-like knowledge of psychology & human behavior. With such understanding, a person can figure out what the probable actions by & events around the individual in question will be. When this type of so-called Psychic Reading is used, which can be done by virtually any Psychologist, it has a high accuracy (which can be furthered by additional methods, such as the Psychic using words & terms which have broad or multiple meanings). Technically the person using this method is seeing into the future (as probabilities & potentials); not via their self-proclaimed supernatural ability, but rather by using the standard faculties of human intellect.

(Please see the note below.)

On the other end, my seeming hypocrisy, is a product of my skeptical personality (including my personal motto of “Question Everything.” … [Note: This page is under construction & is not complete.]

Note concerning false-claimant Psychics: Please understand that when boiled down I see there being two separate groupings of false claimants, and there are fundamental differences between them. The “good group”, if I may deem it as such, is made up of those who make false claims with no ill intent; those which honestly see their deceptions as “white lies.” These are the Psychics who are what they claim in the ancient sense of the word; such in that they are people “of the Psyche/mind” (see “Note 1” of “Soulmatehood of Psychici”). They have a personal desire to help others & are not selfish in nature. The other grouping, which could appropriately be deemed the “bad group”, is in antithesis to the first. These self-deemed Psychics are deceitful for the purpose of self-gain. They are the frauds running, what are in essence, “scams” designed & intended to obtain money, social-recognition, influence & power in general; all desired results are founded upon selfish reasons. They have no direct wish to help others and only want to give aid when it will bring benefit to themselves; good done by these people is gilded. (There are actual Psychics who mirror this group; those who use their ‘gift’ specifically for monetary gain.) These two groups are divided by intent. I personally hold those on the “good” side in a generally positive light and voice little denouncement towards them. However, when it come to the “bad” ones I have a great amount of loathing, despise, anger, disgust & yes, even the powerful emotion of hatred towards them, whether it be an overreaction or not. I see them as being the Loan-Sharks in the Psychic industry; selfish & opportunistic predators waiting in the darkness for the sounds of wounded prey. They compound their negative-deeds in that they not only are subtle thieves, lacking selflessness, but they also cause people to distrust all people called Psychics (or the like), thus irreversibly damaging the Psychic industry’s reputation.




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