A Short Biography of Neo-Socrates by E. Kagan

Bio of Neo-Socrates by Elizabeth Kagan

A Short Biography of Neo-Socrates (Daniel Kagan):

I have been married to Daniel Kagan, who goes by the misunderstood nickname of “Neo-Socrates”, for almost 7 years now (April 2013). Though he is my husband, I want to be as unbiased as I can in this biography, just as he would want it to be.

Despite being born into an average, conventional sort of family in a standard, run of the mill type of city, Daniel himself was not the average, nor the standard –and I don’t mean in the sense of everyone being a unique individual.

Throughout his youth, he was a loner; a solitary bookworm on a borderline-obsessive mission to learn & understand. However, he was not a cliché nerd. Ironically, Daniel was not a straight A student; having failed several courses & nearly being left back. This wasn’t due to a lack of intelligence or some attention-deficit disorder. He would rarely do given assignments & avoided classroom participation. As Daniel would put it to his disappointed parents, “I don’t learn from being taught, I learn from teaching myself.” He was not the proverbial teacher’s pet; instead, he was their nightmare –especially those of the science, history & elective classes. Before his life-motto of “Question everything” had words, he was already living it; examining everything from all directions, even reproducing others’ experiments, double-checking their evidences & making noted observations –obviously, when it was possible. This part of his personality caused Daniel to lock horns with his teachers on a regular basis; arguing against many curriculum details (including the text-books) & the teachers’ own opinions –which didn’t help his grades at all. Having strong personal ethics & a large ego, Daniel refused to put the “teacher’s answer” on a test if he disagreed, seeing loyalty to facts as weighing more in importance than schooling-grades.

After Daniel received his H.S. Diploma (through the mail I might add), college enrollment was the furthest thing from his mind –despite his parents trying to steer him that direction on an almost daily basis. If he wasn’t working or sleeping, Daniel was M.I.R., Missing in Research; finding himself in a fixed action pattern of intellectual discovery. He could never devote himself to just one area of study. At first, this was out of curiosity & mental desire. Later on, Daniel saw every topic of study as being connected to every other. Year after year the expanse of subjects grew, as did his body of knowledge. His studies quickly swelled, probing deep into philosophy, astrophysics, psychology, anthropology, arithmetic, theology, microbiology & many other fields.

When I met my to-be husband, one would think that dates & romance would be added to his routine. Instead, I merged into his days with virtually no change to his lifestyle. I have always considered myself an intellectual & was fascinated by Daniel’s studies. In fact, he had met me online when contacting me in order to debate my different view on a certain issue –as Daniel used debates as another form of study. The portion of each day which Daniel devoted to study was now a two-person investigation instead of a lone-mission. Please don’t misunderstand this in thinking that I was nothing but a study-partner or assistant to him.

After becoming a couple, all of Daniel’s sideline nemeses became his prime targets –his top priority.

During his early studies, Daniel ran into a few holes on the bookshelves of information’s library. “What was at the beginning?” Not satisfied with answers like “God” or the “Big Bang”, calling them “evading answers”, and thinking himself incapable of finding a direct answer, Daniel was forced to leave it behind him. The same was for other issues, such as “Why are we conscious?” Over time, those few empty spots in the library became numerous black-holes in the universe of understanding. He couldn’t leave those unanswered questions muttering in the background, knowing that their nagging existence would become louder & louder until they’d drive him into madness; jokingly, he said that they were endlessly mocking him. Furthering the reason for his turnaround from flight to fight, Daniel found that the hidden answers to those questions greatly affected all others; no answer could be perfect until the gods of knowledge showed themselves.


Written by Elizabeth Kagan


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