New Philosophy for New Understanding


Below are my personal philosophical statements, sayings & fruits of contemplation (“verses” if you will) connected to the foundation & summary of all my discoveries (my “works”). (Note: I am not a Prophet or the Founder of a new religion, nor do I claim to be one. These are simply my thoughts & ideas, and I take no responsibility for others’ actions or interpretations thereof.)

Verse 1:

Do not be one with clouded vision. See things for what they truly are, not for what you perceive them to be. Events which appear to be negative (bad) may in-fact be positive (good). Man is generally a creature of the present. It is no fault to have limitations. It is a fault indeed to forget there is a connected future. Getting a flat tire, the person rants & raves, but would rejoice if aware of the washed-out bridge right around the bend. Unless knowing otherwise, one should keep all moments as this possibility. No matter how seemingly horrible the event, indeed may it be for the betterment of all. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 2:

O what ironic truth this verse holds & lacks: Always know that you know nothing. You know nothing as I know nothing. I know nothing as we all together know nothing. Always towards Gnosis, never back to Agnosis. Everything is connected; every aspect of every part of every iota of every thing (ad infinitum) and every form of every length of every moment of every time (ad infinitum) no matter how near, how far, how small, how large, how insignificant, how influential, how singular or how complex. Each is linked to everything and everything is linked to each. Every link to something that a thing has, and every thing having a link to the things linked to that that thing (ad infinitum) are piece of the thing and so, to know some-thing, one must know every-thing & no-thing knows every-thing & every-thing linked to each thing and so you know nothing as I do not. Indeed is it impossible for some-thing to know some-thing. Keep this knowledge of your knowing of nothing in your mind always. Facts are fictitious, truths are trivial & wisdom is wrong. Faith is the only fact, time is the only truth & who is the only wisdom. Truth is true, facts are factual & wisdom works; when you know that you know nothing. You are ignorant, I am ignorant, we all are ignorant, lacking more than a grain of sand, and so let us learn. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 3:

Keep hope & know yourself no matter what. Keep onto hope and nothing can bring you harm. Know the whole of your Self and nothing can remain hidden from you. Lose all hope and you are deceased while yet alive. Know nothing of your Self and everything shall forever remain hidden from you. Desire not to be like the Ignorant god who teaches others the things he himself doesn’t know, but rather become like the Dying hermit who learns things he doesn’t know from himself. Yearn not to be like the one who discards hope in favor of making things happen, but instead become like the one who safeguards hope to have it with every step to be taken. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 4:

Look not to Kabbalah’s geometric Tree. Follow not the path of Lao-Tzu’s ox. Search not for a meaning to each thing. This world is a wild vine. This road is under construction. Not all things house inherent reasons. Yet weep not for the world when the world indeed has meaning. Fear not the nothing for indeed is there something. Cease not yearning when they are indeed not lacking. Answers are not missing. Results are not in hiding. Purpose is not lost. Hold no opinions for only truths continue. When shown a truth do not take it. Examine every detail & angle lest it be no truth at all. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 5:

What lacks permanence, what has an end, what is missing an eternal forward line, what has no share in the ad-infinitum of time’s progression; to them pay no mind, waste no effort, lend no attention & give no iota of reason. Ignore all outside the indivisible family of ALWAYS. Turn face to any not of the endless partakers of FOREVER. Be ignorant of one not of the inheritance of MEANING.

Deal only with those of the λόγος σπερματικός.

Seal only to those from the λόγος σπερματικός.

Hold only onto those in the λόγος σπερματικός.

Keep only those keeping the λόγος σπερματικός.

Forget that which is already forgotten. Hear not which makes no sound. See not those which never were. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 6:

The crane-game of Potential’s Void is said to be Random; the purest game of Chance.

Those who say it are full; those lacking the potential they so eagerly describe in error. They give no chance to what they stamp as “chance”; stamp with such illusionary authority that they, without thought, bow before themselves.

The game is random to these blind that see not down the road; one of chance to these giving definition to a word yet to exist.

There is indeed PURPOSE. There is indeed REASON. There is indeed a DESIRED RESULT.

Those others want to play again… but no, the crane is indeed broken. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 7:

In order to truly understand anything, one must first understand the first thing; its original source which is the true source of all. Find that First Cause. Discover that which lacks origin. Search out that source that is without. Though beware! The Law of Cause & Effect is truth. Yet beware! That which must be known to move forward with understanding is nothing. Again beware! For it is indeed something. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 8:

Search for Truth. Look for Reality. Seek it with open eyes. Dig forth and it shall be discovered. What you find will frighten you. Once you have been frightened, what you found will make you weep. Once you weep, then will you know. Once you know, you will rejoice!

Let not fear bring you blindness. Let not sorrow make you lame. Let not knowledge bring you shame. Rejoice I say! Rejoice! – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 9:

Confide in what you can, control what you can & care for what deserves it. Keep Hope in what you confide. Keep Hope in what you control. Keep Hope in what you care for. Know what IS that you can confide in. Know what IS that you can control. Know what IS that you can care for. Know Yourself FIRST. Keep Hope in the conclusion no matter what. As it was in the beginning, so shall the end never be. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 10:

Always smile when others see you. Only frown when others are not around.

Do not be like one who is blind to the mud in the waters, being as though negatives are nonexistent, departed in delusion from reality. Nor be like one who ignores the diamond in the rough, being as if all good is gone, immigrated in ignorance from reality.

Know of the good. Know of the bad. Keep both as lovers, but make neither your life-partner. – – Neo-Socrates (“Keep Hope & Know Yourself no matter what.”)

Verse 11:

“Question Everything” is not a chosen motto, nor be it a thing which is personal or individual. “Question Everything” is innate within me, within you, within each & every Homo Sapiens Sapiens; whether Soulful or Soulless, president or pauper, founder or follower, loved or loathed, it be a nature of all Homo discerns, Homo investigans & Homo educanus. This birth-right, this birth-reason, is from birth till death. Those who respond to the collective call, who follow the focused flock, who are Homo demens, have their innate birth-gift hidden –yet in no manner lost.

Always wonder; are we Homo poetica or Homo inermis?

Verse 12:

Coming Soon…


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