Why the name “Neo-Socrates”?

First, I would like to correct the commonplace misconception that the start of my nickname, “Neo”, is from the main character “Neo” (Thomas A. Anderson) of “The Matrix” franchise. The two have no connection outside of the spelling. Instead, “Neo” is an ancient Greek prefix meaning “new” (from “neos” {νέος}, meaning “young”); hence, for example, the new self-proclaimed Nazis being called “Neo-Nazis.” Thus, the name Neo-Socrates should be read as “New-Socrates.”

So, why do I call myself a/the new Socrates?

The infamous ancient Greek Philosopher known as Socrates (c. 469 – 399 BCE) has, for quite some time, been the philosopher with whom I most identify; not in actual philosophy, but rather with life.

Like Socrates, I constantly question everyone & everything to the similar extent of it being a life-calling (so-to-speak), hence my personal motto of “Question Everything.”

When Socrates was told by the Oracular-Priestess of Delphi that he was the smartest of people, he disagreed completely, and yet he turned out to be so (in a unique manner). When I began searching for the answer to “What was the First Cause”, I believed my intelligence to be far too inadequate to find such, and yet I did (see “Creation: The Beginning & the First Cause”).

It is through Socrates that I named my metaphysical (unconventional) sense; deemed my “Oracle” after Socrates’ so-called inner “oracle” (see “My Oracle: Summarized History”).

Thus, when starting as an advisor on www.Keen.com I chose the advisory stage-name (per-say) of “Neo-Socrates” and I’ve been using it as a self-given nickname ever since.


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